The Swingers Club in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany!

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Die Community für stilvolle Erotik

Swingers Schleswig-Holstein

RULES or the first visit to a swinger club!

Of course, one of the questions is what to wear? For men it's easy. It should not be the suit with the long legs, everybody has some nice underwear at home, short, sexy or retro look. If you  don't have anything you find appropriate, visit a sex shop as they also offer underwear and the shirts! Remember, girls like to unwrap presents :-)
Ususally women are more creative wehther it's sexy dessous, short skirts or leather and latex. Take a look at the catalogues and you will be garantueed to find something!


What actually happens such a club?
First of all, nothing will happen that you don't want to happen. To begin with you meet up at the bar on the couches, have a nice chat and get to know each other. Drinks and some snacks from the hot/cold buffet are included, so no extra charge. We want you all to feel comfortable and if you feel like it, you can go to the 1st floor and make yourself comfortable in one of our cosy roms or you can of course also go outside to our outdoor area that is protected so that noone from the ourside can look in.
If you want someone to join you, be sure to let them know either verbally or wit sings.
If some is not interested in joining you, please do respect that. NO means NO and should be accepted without forther ado.
There is nothing wors (sorry guys, it is mainly you) than a guy you will not take NO for a answer!

So here are some more tips for the single guys:
Be polite, respectfull and reserved this will increase your chances with the ladies and the couples!
Also Hygiene is an importent aspect. We have a lot of showers in our facility,  so make use of them! We have placed condoms all over the rooms, so also make use of them, as we all want to enjoy our lives a little longer.

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